wheezynurse works full time as a surgical stepdown Registered Nurse, part time as a Clinical Instructor, and per diem in homecare. She graduated summa cum laude with a Master of Science in Nursing degree with a concentration in Nursing Leadership in May 2018, and hopes to create and promote positive change within the inpatient hospital setting


wheezynurse integrates participatory care models within her nursing practice to encourage patient engagement, foster nurse-patient relationships, and improve the overall patient experience. Through academia, she stresses the importance of treating every patient with dignity and respect, and how students can individually tailor care plans by actively listening and collaborating with patients and families

wheezynurse speaks to the trials and tribulations of real world nursing, undergraduate and graduate nursing school, and barriers to success within the nursing profession.  Her YouTube vlog covers topics ranging from nursing school study tips to nursing humor and then to patient engagement

Through a caring and compassionate perspective coupled with sarcasm and humor, @wheezynurse supports digital health, innovation, and the optimization of patient outcomes

Professional Speaking Engagements

Digital Host – "What’s The Fix? " 2018 Conference; Austin, Texas

May 15-17, 2018

Event Description: What’s the Fix? (#WTFix) is a movement and an event that started in 2017 to help the industry learn from people.  Most health care conferences focus on industry insiders talking to each other. What’s the Fix? highlights real people with real stories of overcoming health care challenges and driving change to the system as a result. The conference is about being human, being empathetic, and using story telling as a way to drive change in an industry that really needs help. The 2018 event partnered with the Design Institute for Health at Dell Medical School and received accreditation from Patients Included to signify a commitment to incorporating the experience of patients as experts in living with their condition while ensuring they are neither excluded nor exploited.

Contribution: Instigating, supporting, and leading participant engagement in both in-person and virtual audiences

Digital Guest Speaker - Health Care is Social--You Should Be Too Conference Session, 10th Annual Health Plan Marketing Summit; Orlando, Florida

March 6, 2018

Event Description: Influencers, patients, caregivers, advocates, health plans and health systems are all on social media – and using it as a marketing and engagement vehicle is an untapped gold mine.  Unfortunately, too many in our industry treat social media as an echo chamber instead of a contributory forum.  Leverage social media to maximize convenience mechanisms in reaching and engaging your members, influencers and new audiences.

Contribution: Provided an informational session on the importance of social media in targeted responses from large and varied audiences, the expansion of communication nationally and internationally and its effect on healthcare delivery and health innovation, and the importance of professional networking for future implementation of change within healthcare.

Partnership Work

Closing Statement Contributor - Participatory Medicine: Transforming the Culture of Care; Boston, MA

October 25, 2017

Event Description: The era of patient-provider collaboration is materializing and transforming the culture of care.  Culture change takes a generation, but the work is bearing fruit.  Conference to reflect upon participatory thought and speak to the implementation of such within current practice.

Contribution: Writing contributions to closing statements; scripting closing song lyrics; presentation coordination of closing song

Professional Memberships

Board of Directors - Society for Participatory Medicine

January 2019 – Present

  • Actively manage organizational social media and public relations

  • Collaborate with Executive Committee and Board of Directors

  • Participate in monthly board meetings, biweekly marketing meetings, and weekly conference planning calls

  • Bring forth the virtual voices of SPM members within online communities and forums to unify organizational goals, missions, and objectives


Social Media Lead – Society for Participatory Medicine

August 2018 – Present

  • Active support of participatory medicine as a movement in which patients and health professionals actively collaborate and encourage one another as full partners in healthcare

  • Manage SPM social media accounts, with a primary focus on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube

  • Promote member engagement and society core values and mission

Executive Digital Advisory Board Member – What’s The Fix? 2018, Healthsparq

December 2017 – Present

  • Conference promotion with video, blog, and twitter postings

  • Organizational decision making for the improvement of the in-person and digital conference experience

Ambassador, Social Media Advocate – Breakthrough Crew, Clara Health

November 2017 – Present

  • Empower patients and caregivers with the tools they need to understand clinical trials and make informed treatment decisions

  • Raise awareness about clinical trials and their integral role in the development of breakthrough treatments and cures

  • Demystify the clinical trials experience and eradicate stigmas associated with clinical trial participation

Online Involvement

Article Mentions:

Content Contribution – This week on #MedTwitter: Compassion. How small gestures put “care” back into “healthcare”

Author(s): Diana Duong, Dr. Sharon Vorona;

Publication/Forum: Figure1

April 2019


Nurse Achievement Award 2018 - Student Loan Assistance


July 24, 2018


Your 2018 #WTFix Virtual Attendee Toolkit!

Author(s): Anna Greene

Publication/Forum: "What’s The Fix?" blog via Healthsparq

May 2018


Content Contribution – Introducing the #WTFix Digital Host

Author(s): Anna Greene

Publication/Forum: "What’s The Fix?" blog via Healthsparq

April 2018


Content Contribution – Physicians Unite on Twitter, Divide on Practice 

Author(s): Danny Funt

Publication/Forum: MD Magazine

March 22, 2018


The doctor is in: 13 clinicians to follow on Twitter

Author(s): Megha Satyanarayana

Publication/Forum: STAT News, Boston Globe

February 9, 2017



Author – What’s The Fix?: Patient satisfaction: It’s more than just scores

August 2017


Live Stream:

YouTube/Google Hangout Guest Host – #SavvyChat, Savvy Cooperative

November 2018


Guest Host, Guest Speaker – Patients Have Power!, Clara Health

February 2018

Twitter Tweet Chats:

Host, Moderator – What’s The Fix?

August 2017

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- Clara Health

  • Breakthrough Crew

  • "Patients Have Power!" Campaign

- Healthsparq

  • "What’s The Fix?" 2018 Conference (#WTFix)

- Society for Participatory Medicine

  • 2nd Annual Conference: Democratizing HealthCare! Me. You. Us. Healthocracy. (#SPM2018)

  • 3rd Annual Conference: Time 4 Change: Making Participatory Medicine Real! (#S4PM2019)

Contributions and Appearances

Savvy Cooperative

Society for Participatory Medicine


Healthsparq's #WTFix 2018

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