If I fits, I sits: a cat's tail

Cats are so weird. Sometimes they follow you around the house and rub up against you demanding cuddles, and then the next, they're chillin' on a windowsill meowing at the birds outside or napping in the bath tub.

My favorite part of being a crazy cat lady is when my cats decide to plop themselves in items that aren't truly meant to support a living being. Whenever something remotely looks like a structure, my cats jump right in, on, or around it and sit.

Hence my title: If I fits, I sits.

Please enjoy my montage of my cats attempting to fit and/or sit in awkward items.

First, let's start with the basics: boxes. Boxes always appear to be supportive, so why not hop right on in?! The following are pretty reasonable as far as fitting is concerned.

But then boxes start playing dirty and make things a little more difficult. Don't worry, my cats are persistent little fellas. Why not try the classic trickster box within a box?

And if you think a box may be too small, why not just fit your head in to test it out? Tissue boxes may or may not present as a problem...

And now we move on to the bag category. Bags are a lot more stretchy and tend to make more noise when played in, hence my cats' obsessions with any and every bag. God forbid I try to save bags to reuse for future item-carrying purposes, because all of my bags with end up with gaping holes and slashes from claw marks within 10 minutes of being empty.

And now come the most awkward and unique fits and sits. A new popular location is in my laundry bin. It doesn't matter if it's empty or full, because either is apparently just as fascinating.

And then an even bigger and better challenge: inside the zippered plastic storage bag for my new blanket and comforter set:

Ya know what? Why even bother with the laundry baskets or linen storage items when you can just jump straight into a pile of laundry and tunnel your way through like Aladdin in the Cave of Wonders?! I don't know why I act surprised when I find tons of tiny holes in my clothes...clearly they're from the Claws of Wonders.

And then the even weirder, more adventurous locations to fit and sit: kitchen cabinets, sinks, refrigerator veggie drawers, and shoes.

It's always something...

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