Drunk Compliments

January 22, 2017


I can honestly say that the best compliments I have ever received are from drunk girls in bar bathrooms.


And why are these the best? Because girls hate each other! We envy good looking girls, we get jealous when a girl's hair looks better than ours, and we make bitchy comments when a girl does anything remotely cute.


So when I'm at the bar, I don't hesitate to compliment girls. If I think your butt looks great in those jeans, I'm sure as hell going to tell you. We all change our outfit about 12 times before a night out, and clearly we choose our clothes based on if we look good. So yes, your ass looks phenomenal in those jeans, your shirt makes your boobs look amazing, and your make up is flawless. I want to make sure someone appreciates you tonight. You put hours and hours into getting ready for what? Cheap beer, sticky dance floors and grimy boys trying to take you home? NOPE. Screw that.


Girls need to be less judgmental and exert more flattery toward one another. I'm not saying you need to make people feel awkward, but I know everyone loves receiving compliments every now and then.


So go out, and be nice, everyone. You're all hella gorgeous and I love you.



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