I can never fall asleep when I'm tired

I complain all the time that I'm tired. The minute I wake up, I'm tired. When I climb out of bed, I'm tired. Throughout my work day, oh god I'm tired. On my lunch break, I'm so tired and I'm having withdrawals from separation from my bed. But then the minute I get home and crawl into my bed, I CAN NEVER FALL ASLEEP.

No matter how tired I am, I then decide that instead of sleeping, I'm going to do the following:

1. Think of all the embarrassing things I did in middle school.

2. Check my alarm 167 times to make sure it's actually set for the morning. And turn the volume on and off another 58 times to make sure I'll be able to hear it.

3. Surf every outlet of social media to check all of my notifications.

4. Open every app on my phone that has an alert so I can clear those super annoying iphone red notification dots.

5. Delete emails that have been sitting in my inbox for 7 months.

6. Call my mom and tell her how much I miss her but then immediately regret it because she won't stop talking about what she made in her crock pot last week for dinner and how she froze half of it to save for me so I can try it the next time I see her which is most likely in a month.

7. Recheck my work schedule to make sure I'm actually working in the morning and not setting an alarm for no reason.

8. Tuck myself into bed, get up to get water. Tuck myself in again, get up to turn on a fan. Tuck myself in, shut off lights downstairs.

I'm always sooooo tired yet the minute I crawl into bed, I apparently think it's the best time to do obnoxious tasks that I've been consistently putting off for months.

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