Lately, I've noticed that every single social media ad or promo message I receive is geared toward monthly subscription deliveries.

There's a box for everything; not only can you have random samples of different items sent to your doorstep, but you have options for make-up and beauty products for contouring queens, individually chosen or perfectly styled outfits based on your body type or likes for fashion fiends, and even pet supplies with boxes full of toys and tantalizing treats to make any dog go crazy.

But what about career-driven boxes? I want one designed solely for nurses! I had never heard of such a thing before, but guess what? IT EXISTS! (insert amazingly excited and surprised gasp here)

And thus, I introduce you to NurseLuxe: a monthly subscription box based on any and every request for relaxation from work and/or practical products for use on the job and on the go.

Check out their website here to sign up for these amazing nurse gifts!

Can't believe this exists and want to register right this second? Use my promo code WN5 for a sweet discount!

Also, you should all watch my unboxing youtube video, so yeah.

Happy NurseLuxing, everyone!

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