Nurse Appreciation Award 2018

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"If someone you know graduated from nursing school, they likely have student loan debt.

Chances are, they’re still paying it off.

According to the AACN’s 2017 debt report, 69% of nursing graduates surveyed in 2016 took out federal student loans.

They estimate the median anticipated amount of college loan debt to be between $40,000 and $54,999 for nursing school graduates.

This doesn't even take into consideration private student loans.

Another shocking statistic - as of 2017, Americans collectively owe $1.48 trillion in student loan debt.

Bottom line, nursing school is expensive."

In an effort to lessen the burden of student loans, ran a contest to award $1000 to a nurse based on career and/or overall accomplishments.

And guess what? I was nominated!

I didn't end up winning the 2018 Nurse Appreciation Award, but it was an honor to simply be nominated, and an even bigger honor to be selected as a Top 10 Finalist!

To read my nominee blurb, click and follow this link: Nurse Appreciation Award 2018 Top 10 Nominees

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