What is Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD)?!

Well, first off, you need to know about Tuck.

(Tuck: Advancing Better Sleep, 2019b)

Tuck provides evidence-based health info, news, and sleep product reviews. Tuck aims to provide resources and information to improve overall health and wellness. They even have collections of over 300K customer experiences and data on sleep and sleep products (Tuck: Advancing Better Sleep, 2019a)! Pretty cool, if you ask me.

As defined in their blog post titled "Shift Work Sleep Disorder," SWSD is "the difficulty of 'falling asleep, staying asleep, or non-restorative sleep for at least one month'" (Tuck.com, 2017). In my personal opinion, I would confidently argue that almost every healthcare professional suffers from such. With 12-hour shifts, day/night rotating schedules, and caregiver burnout, I know I have an extremely hard time not only getting to sleep, but staying asleep. My mind continually races between thoughts of my patients, having to return to work, and everything I've experienced during my shifts. I honestly don't remember the last time I had a truly restful and enjoyable night's sleep.

Tuck explains that the effects of SWSD can be closely compared to those caused by jet lag since both involve periods of exhaustion and excessive sleepiness, (Tuck.com, 2017). I had never thought of my problems with sleep from that perspective, but every aspect of Shift Work Sleep Disorder as described by Tuck makes so much sense; my circadian rhythm has been wonky ever since I started working a rotating schedule, and switching between day and night shift never gets any easier. After 6 years of being a nurse, my career has taken a tole on my mind and my body physically, mentally, and emotionally, which has directly impacted my ability to sleep.

Need to know more? I thought so. Read Tuck's entire blog post on SWSD and make sure to explore all thing's sleep on their main website.


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